Cantina Monte Vibiano

Umbria in its purity

An authentic Chateau in the heart of Umbria

An authentic Chateau in the heart of Umbria, dating back to the 1st century AD, Monte Vibiano stands on the crest of a hill, surrounded by olive trees, vineyards, centuries-old woods and rivers. One of these is the River Nestore, which gives its name to the valley below and follows the flow of the Colli Perugini, an extraordinary, hilly, countryside area scattered with tiny, authentic villages of extreme beauty that links the regional capital of Perugia to Marsciano.

Monte Vibiano is not only deeply rooted in the past, it is also endowed with a contemporary vision and sensitivity. The Fasola Bologna family, owner of the castle and the 700 surrounding hectares, has created a multi-faceted, agricultural business, based on the values of sustainability, the environment and the best quality possible. Suffice it to say that less than 40% of the surface area is cultivated, whereas the remainder has been left wild and unpolluted to protect its biodiversity. The linchpin of the project is the production of extra virgin olive oil from 10 thousand plants, the majority of which are local cultivars. The oil is extracted using modern techniques that guarantee a product with superior level of health and taste.


Agriculture and the environment

The Fasola family intends to shine a light once more on these magnificent lands by first cultivating local varieties, such as Grechetto, Sangiovese, and Trebbiano Spoletino, that guarantee original, highly distinctive craft wines.

«Our objective is to eliminate all fossil fuel emissions», says Lorenzo Fasola Bologna, who, together with his sister Maria Camilla, now runs the estate, along the lines of his father Andrea’s cultural principles and legacy.«In 1998, we began the 360 Green Revolution Project which explores various aspects ranging from photovoltaic panels to biodiesel and on to reflective roof paint. In 2009, Castello Monte Vibiano became the first farm in the world to be awarded UNI ISO 14064 certification, which represents the highest standard for a zero footprint in terms of CO2 emissions.»

The grapes and wines from the 2023 harvest have been certified as Organic in order to add to their personal identity. The project revolves around the environment: from re-using biomass to the system to charge the electric scooters and vehicles used by our employees and by visitors on our eco-tours, and finally to our spectacular Eco Wine Bar, constructed using recycled materials, which welcomes wine lovers from every corner of the world.

In addition to the olive tree, the area has since time immemorial cultivated vines and produced wine. Although not many businesses have recently taken full advantage of this area of products, this is undoubtedly one of the most suitable terroir in the region, thanks to its soil and microclimate.

The style of our wines

The first wines of Cantina Monte Vibiano were bottled in the early sixties like other prestigious Umbrian businesses. Over time, our project sensitivity has found its feet to offer the latest productions that mark an authentic, fully sustainable project with a high level of craftsmanship that naturally expresses the classic grapes of the area.

Today, Monte Vibiano wines are experiencing a new era that blends lessons from the past with future projects. The estate vineyards are the basis for all the wines of the house. Fermentation is spontaneous and ageing in the cellar aims to obtain wines that represent not only the creative spirit of the area at its best, but also the idea of the elegance, identity and taste of its resources.

Monte Vibiano wines

Cantina Monte Vibiano

Umbria in its purity


Argento – C.M. de Bruxelles 2022

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – L’Andrea 2016

Argento – C.M. de Bruxelles 2022

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – San Giovanni 2019

5 Grappoli – F.I.S. 2021

Fondazione Italiana Sommelier 2021 – Vigna Luisa 2017

Oro – China W.W.A. 2021

China Wine World Award 2021 – San Giovanni 2018 – Feudo dei Vini Il Bianco 2019

Oro – C.M. de Bruxelles 2021

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2021 – San Giovanni 2018

Argento – China W.W.A. 2021

China World Wine Award 2021 – L’Andrea 2015 – Maria Camilla 2019

Bronzo – Decanter W.W.A. 2021

San Giovanni 2018 – Maria Camilla 2019 – L’Andrea 2015

Bronzo – China W.W.A. 2021

China World Wine Award 2021 – Feudo dei Vini Il Rosso 2019

5 Grappoli – F.I.S. 2020

Fondazione Italiana Sommelier 2020 – Vigna Lorenzo 2010