The story of the long-established Fasola Bologna family estate has in recent years written a new chapter – one oriented towards sustainability.


Located a short distance from Perugia, the 1st century B.C. Castello di Monte Vibiano jealously protects from its high perch the estate’s Lorenzo vineyard, which dates to 217 B.C. and has a precious collection of 55 hectares of olive groves with centuries-old trees, some with a millennial past. It is the unconditional love for this territory and a profound respect for the environment that has led the family to make radical choices to preserve more than 700 pristine hectares, with the desire to hand them down unblemished to future generations.

"We set a goal to eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions,” says Lorenzo Fasola Bologna, chairman of the Umbrian company. “In 1998, our 360 Green Revolution project started and looked to explore every facet: from photovoltaic panels to biodiesel to solar-reflective paint for roofs. Our efforts were rewarded in 2009, when Castello di Monte Vibiano became the first agricultural business in the world to receive UNI ISO 14064 certification from Norwegian institute DNV (Det Norske Veritas), which is synonymous with the highest standards and zero- impact production in terms of CO2 emissions.”

It’s a reality where everything centers on the environment: from the reuse of biomass to the charging system for employees’ electric scooters and electric vehicles used by visitors on eco-tours to the spectacular Eco Wine Bar, a structure made from recycled materials. The company farms large quantities of olives from its own olive groves and olives from selected local suppliers who adhere to Monte Vibiano’s production guidelines; the growers who supply olives to our company in Marsciano are monitored at every stage of farming to guarantee the same quality standards.

The "green gold" of Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio is a sought-after olive oil prized by Michelin-star chefs across the world. It has taken flight with the world’s leading airlines. The company is the leader in the production of monodose olive oil, a product served in First and Business Class onboard American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Emirates, SAS, Saudia, Singapore and Qatar Airways, to name just a few carriers.

For generations, a constantly evolving vision

The Family, originally from Tuscany, arrived early 1700's to Umbria. Becoming landowners of vast properties and starting an important path, linked to the careful attention to the production of wine and extra virgin olive oil which would later become and absolute distinctive hallmark.

The significant successes related to the handed down forensic activity, led the Family to cover also important institutional positions which were, however, immediately placed at the service of the Community and the Territory that they loved so much.

This love and respect for Mother Nature, combined with an innovative vision that has always been part of the Family DNA, have contributed to give life to a revolutionary agricultural management that, nowadays, has a proper name: Sustainability

It is thanks to Dr. Andrea, the late father of the current owners Maria Camilla and Lorenzo Fasola Bologna, that the values that today characterize Castello Monte Vibiano have been handed down and further strengthened.

The value of the Family, the respect for the Environment, the continuous uncompromising search for the Excellence and the visionary and innovative Spirit, have always been the pillars that give life to the passion that guides the Company.