The promise of responsible agriculture, respectful of nature.

Zero CO2 emissions

The green heart of the journey.

Absolute pioneer in the field of sustainability, Castello Monte Vibiano, after a long process that began in 1998, became in 2009 the first company in the world to have obtained the certification of “Zero CO2 Emissions” (DNV UNI ISO 14064). In over ten years, he has readjusted the structure, the building, the equipment, land care and the main rules of the activity.


The most beautiful protected area in the world.

Over half a century ago, the founder of Castello di Monte Vibiano, Andrea Fasola Bologna planted over 10,000 trees to surround the estate’s agricultural land. Thanks to this visionary patience, today these trees have grown and created a majestic “green fence” to protect the vineyards and olive groves from the impact of man. Today only 40% of the estate’s land is dedicated to agriculture, while the natural “green embrace” that has formed over the decades proudly and protectively occupies over 30% of the territory surrounding the Castle.


A promise for those who will come after us.

Our longevity is rooted in the search for authenticity, in the respect of time and natural resources. We want to leave a positive footprint for our world. Also for this reason we have converted all our packaging to minimize the environmental impact and we only use electric vehicles or bicycles inside the estate.


A guarantee for those who choose us.

Thanks to the constant technological commitment, we are the first company in the world to have the DNA certification of our olives which guarantees the total traceability of the origin of the oil for the consumer.