Salmon and fennel

Salmon and fennel

Monodose Recipe

Spicy lemon dressing
Salmon and fennel with spicy lemon dressing

Serves 1 as a Main course

150g Salmon
50g Fennel
1 tbsp Butter
1 bottle of spicy lemon dressing
salt & pepper

    1. Wash and clean the fennel. With a slicing machine or a sharp knife, slice the fennel into thin slices. Don’t worry if the slices are uneven, just try to cut them as thin as possible.
    2. Clean the salmon from any bones and make sure it is descaled. Season the salmon lightly with salt & peppar before panfrying with butter the fish skin side down. Depending on thickness, fry on both sides for approx 3 minutes.
    3. Place on a plate starting with fennel and the salmon on top.
    4. Finish with a spicy lemon dressing dressing.