Serum N1 - Face Anti-Aging - 30ml


Serum N1 - Face Anti-Aging Concentrated Tratment is an intensive treatment with a high concentration of Biophenols CMP - 30ml


A technologically advanced serum, with a high concentraion of active ingredients, rich in antoxidant, nutrient and soothing properties.
Enriched with Hydroxytyrosol, Peptide and the extract of the algae, Nannochloropsis oculata, wich help combat the visible signs of skin ageing and preserve skin elasticity.
The Lognans (molecules belonging to the family of Phytoestrogens) and the Oleuropein contained in the formula improve the skin's defence system.

Apply daily on a clean skin with circular movements from top to bottom until completely absorbed.
Use before any other treatment and in combination with Serum N2. Also suitable as a makeup base.

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