City Cream Anti-Aging Moisturizer 50ml


City Cream Anti Aging Moisturizer is a soothing antioxidant protective moisturizing treatment based on Biophenols CMP.


Prevents and reduces oxidative stress caused by external agents, solar radiation, smoke, free radicals and air pollution (antipollution).
The sinergy between CM Glucan, Glycerin, Lipids Beams, lactate and Carnosine, helps restore the moisture balance in skin while hydrating the skin depth and enhancing the natural mechanisms of defense.
The complex Leniderm exerts  soothing calming effect on desensitization with red skin.sticity.

Available for normal and sensitive skin.
Apply every morning on clean skin and massage gently from top to bottom until absorbed.
To enhance the antioxidant use after the application of Serum N3 and N4.

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