Orange and spring onion salad

Orange and spring onion salad

Monodose Recipe

Spicy lemon basil
Orange and scallion salad

Serves 1 as a salad

1 scallion onions
1 orange
10g fresh parsley
1 bottle of spicy lemon dressing

    1. Wash and clean the scallion onion and the parsley.
    2. Cut the top and bottom of the orange. This way, the orange will sit flat on the cutting board. Working from top to bottom, peel the peel. Then with a sharp thin knife, carefully cut between a segment and the membrane relasing the segment.
    3. With a sharp knife, slice the scallion into fine rings. Don’t worry if the slices are uneven, just try to cut them no thicker than 5mm.
    4. Pick the parsley leaveas and mix gently with the orange segments and sliced scallion.
    5. Finish with a 1 bottle of spicy lemon dressing.