We have always believed in the philosophy of respect for the territory and in the values ​​of tradition that have roots in the past and in the profound principles handed down by those who preceded us. The passion that animates our profession and the relationship of love and respect that binds us deeply to Umbria have ancient origins that make us proud custodians of a precious heritage of knowledge and traditions.

Symbol that combines history, family, protection and attachment to our land, the Castle of Monte Vibiano is what makes our products unique and elegant. We want to let our customers know the wonders of the area that give life to our wines, the synthesis of a job that comes from the ground and how it is treated: we work the vineyards respecting the environment and nature that surrounds us, with the responsibility of to leave to our children the precious legacy of a generous land, which gives wines of exquisite elegance and exceptional longevity.

We know how much the quality of the wine we produce is manifested in the vitality of the raw material, and it is for this reason that we have started the process of converting all production to the principles of organic agriculture. Our commitment is to guarantee each harvest only the fruit of the greatest efforts, made with the love of the people who work on the land and in the cellar and offering a selection of high quality wines capable of telling the commitment and passion necessary to produce them.

The company's mission is to enhance the Umbrian territory and the sincerity of the products it is able to offer, in order never to betray the expectations of our customers. We establish a true and profound relationship with each of them, first of all building a solid relationship of professional esteem and mutual trust, and ensuring the right attention, total availability and sincere authenticity that distinguishes the company and all its products.