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M+ Performance



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M+ Performance is a concentrated liquid extract made from olive pulp and olive leaves extract, titrated in polyphenols.

Dilute 0.10 Oz of extract in 16.90 Oz of water or other beverage, drink immediately or during the day.

M+ Performance is suitable for those who practice sports.

City Cream Anti-Aging Moisturizer 50ml


City Cream Anti Aging Moisturizer is a soothing antioxidant protective moisturizing treatment based on Biophenols CMP.

Day Anti-Aging 50ml


Day Anti-Aging recovery emulsion intensive antioxidant day treatment with Biophenols CMP - 50ml

Night Anti-Aging 50ml


Night Anti-Aging recovery emulsion intensive antioxidant night treatment with Biophenols CMP - 50ml

Serum N1 - Face Anti-Aging - 30ml


Serum N1 - Face Anti-Aging Concentrated Tratment is an intensive treatment with a high concentration of Biophenols CMP - 30ml

Serum N2 - Eyes & Lips Anti-Aging - 30ml


Serum N2 - Eyes & Lips Anti-Aging Concentrate is an intensive treatment for mature skin, with a high concentration of Biophenols CMP - 30ml

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Serum N1 e N2 - Promo Pack

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A complete intensive treatment for your face

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Your daily wellness

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Take care of your personal wellbeing with this special box rich of anti-oxidant.

This package include everything you need for your daily routine:

- wake up with our Day anti-aging cream;
- pour M+ perfomance into your water bottle and drink it during the day;
- bring with you 1 bottle of our Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil to enrich your healty and fresh lunch.

M+ Performance alla pesca