Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Vibianini EVOO Unfiltered Monodose


The Original EVOO monodose.

A precious exclusivity enclosed in a single dose.

To create our "liquid gold", our olives are harvested by hand when the temperatures are lower to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics.

We do not filter it and to respect Nature and guarantee you unalterability and freshness, it is born and lives exclusively in Glass.

A rare jewel at the table that can embellish and enhance your dishes with the healthy practicality of the 10ml single-dose*

Vibianini Evoo


Your hand-size Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Choose from one of the 10 flavors available and always carry it with you in the practical single-dose format.

Vubia EVOO


Vubia is what the Etruscans called the people of Monte Vibiano.

A careful selection of our best olives.

Olives: Moraiolo, Leccino, and Frantoio olives.

Tremila Olive Secolari EVOO


Tremilaolive is Italian for 3,000 olives: each 16.9 fl.oz. (500ml) bottle contains 3,000 cold-pressed olives.

Entirely and reveredly composed of 12 rare and autochthonous varieties from centuries-old trees.

Olives: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Dolce Agogia, Borgiona, Pocciolo, San Felice, Limona, Rosciola di Panicale, Rosciola Umbra, Nostrale di Rigali, and Capolga Umbra.

Olio Extra Vergine Harvest by Night


A limited edition of only 1000 bottles

An extra virgin olive oil that is born in one night, from sunset to sunrise.

The precious package contains the 500ml of the precious liquid gold.