Tradition, beauty, quality of life

Commonly known as "the green heart of Italy”, the Umbria region is famous for its lush vegetation and being a green paradise all year round. Located right at the center of Italy, Umbria borders Tuscany and Lazio and is 1 and 1/2 hours drive from both Florence and Rome. The region offers a spectacular combination of art, nature and spirituality, along with ancient traditions that have endured throughout the centuries.

Thousands of hectares of beautiful rolling hills dotted with century-old towns and villages, churches and art galleries make Umbria a tourist favorite. The region’s cities such as Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto, Spoleto, Spello are treasure-troves of art and history.
Assisi, a world-renown religious and spiritual centre, is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000.

Agriculture is one of the principal sectors of the Umbrian economy, with olives, grapes, wheat, and tobacco production leading the list of commodities produced in the region. With a population density among the lowest in Italy, Umbria’s approximately 900,000 citizens inhabit 8,456 square kilometers of unspoiled landscape. The area’s relatively sparse population helps maintain the landscape’s natural beauty and is the basis for a harmonious and special relationship between man and nature.

The Castle

Located just a stone’s throw from Perugia, Castle Monte Vibiano is set on a hill overlooking hundreds of hectares of agricultural land and natural forest.

The property is owned by the Fasola family.
The castle’s oldest walls were built two centuries before the birth of Christianity, while the remainder of the building was renovated in the 16th century.

One of the property's great assets is a 1930's swimming pool, located near a Renaissance-style garden, and overlooking a spectacular view of southern Umbria's hills and plains.

Our Family

La famiglia Fasola Bologna dal 1892 vive al Castello di Monte Vibiano Vecchio; appassionati di agricoltura dai primi decenni del novecento producono vino e olio.

Nel 1960, l’azienda agricola ha subìto un grande progetto di ammodernamento, guidato dal patriarca della famiglia, Andrea Fasola Bologna.
Nel 1998 il figlio di Andrea, Lorenzo Fasola Bologna, attuale CEO dell’azienda, ha deciso di riprendere la tradizione vinicola familiare e creare una nuova cantina in grado di competere sui
mercati vinicoli.

Ad oggi Andrea Fasola Bologna ed i figli Lorenzo e Maria Camilla continuano nella decennale attività di produzione di vino ed olio.

Alcuni vini prendono nome dai componenti della famiglia come L'Andrea, il vino rosso più importante dell'azienda, il Maria Camilla, un Bianco Umbria IGP, il Maryam, un rosato che prende il nome dalla moglie di Lorenzo Fasola Bologna.

Our Values

Umbrian lifestyle is unique: heritage and faith are important factors in the area’s culture and in the perspective of its inhabitants.

Love of nature, friendly faces and generous people are what define Umbria. Miles away from the stress of Italy’s big cities, the region melds modern life with the very best of the past; traditional values with a XXI century lifestyle.

The 360 ° Green Revolution is a radical project, aimed at tackling the environmental impacts of the company and make the production products sustainable for the surrounding area, while increasing their quality and the quality of life of the people working in the farm or that live in the district.

Particular attention is given to reduction and the elimination of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions, goal reached in late 2008, after deep transformations started several years earlier; goal that took the form of actions "home made" and not through the GHG trading market. This has made the company the first to have cleared their emissions in the agricultural sector, in accordance with the international standard ISO 14064; the process has been assessed and certified in an official manner by the third party organization body DNV. The process involves various technical solutions, leaving no stone unturned, and aiming at a continuous improvement over time.

Our Winery

Fourty hectares of peaceful vineyards surround the castle of Monte Vibiano and are are tended to by experienced and dedicated vinters.

We are very proud of our new, state-of-the-art winery, just completed in April 2003. Our new, computer controlled stainless steel tanks 48 in all maintain the correct temperature throughout the entire winemaking process.
In addition, Monte Vibiano uses over 300 French oak barrels to age the wine.

This modern facility produces some of the best central Italy wines.

Our Olive Oil Production

Fully computerized, using state of the art technology to develop an oxygen-free environment, the mill produces the full line of Monte Vibiano olive oils, known around the world as “liquid gold.”

Our bottling and packaging site is linked to the production site by underground pipelines.