Our Liquid Gold

Monte Vibiano is the proud owner of more than 12,000 olive trees, located in the hills surrounding the castle. While production varies from harvest to harvest as the result of natural climate changes, on average, Monte Vibiano’s groves yield.

We bottle only the first cold pressing, making all of our oils “extra virgin” quality. No reduction in quality is ever accepted. Our policy is to reduce volume if necessary to guarantee top quality every year and for every customer.

In 1999 we launched our special olive oils that are infused with balsamic vinegar, chili, truffle, basil and oregano. Their success convinced us to extend the range of flavors available. Monte Vibiano is now exploring new combinations such as vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, tangerine and others.

As a new and unique product Castello Monte Vibiano welcomes suggestions from clients for further mixes of spices with our olive oil.


CMV Classic

All the natural taste of
our extra virgin olive oil

Experience flavor.

This extra virgin olive oil is a pleasure to look at and delicious to taste.

Ideally combined with most foods, it enhances the taste of every dish. Its unique flavor is the product of century-old, central Italian traditions in olive oil-making.
Packaged in small glass bottles (10ml and 19ml), several flavorings are available, including balsamic vinegar. BUY NOW

CMV Unfiltred

A true taste of freshly
pressed olives.

Experience freshness and fragrance.

When you open a bottle of CMV Unfiltered olive oil, you experience the real taste and purity of a fresh product one that tastes as though it’s just been made.

State-of-the-art technology allows our olive oil to be pressed, bottled, and immediately deep-frozen with no exposure to air. During this process, the oil’s properties remain unchanged, producing lasting freshness.

Available in 10ml glass bottles, the olive oil should be removed from the freezer 30 minutes before use.



That is the name by which the Etruscans called the people of Monte Vibiano.
Is an extra-virgin olive oil that comes from a careful selection of the best olives of our olive yard, obtaining as a result a sensational oil, both in smell and taste. In this oil are present herbaceus notes, sweet almond, artichoke, combined with a pleasant bitter and spicy in taste.



Tremilaolive Centuries-old Trees: This extra virgin olive oil is obtained uniquely from the olives harvested from our majestic centuries-old trees. The name TREMILAOLIVE, which is the italian for “three thousand olives”, derives from the fact that in order to obtain a 16,9 fl.oz. bottle, 3000 of our precious olives are indeed needed.
The uniqueness of this product derives from the ancient Umbrian indigenous varieties of which it consists of (really rare by now): moraiolo, dolce agogia, frantoio, rosciola di panicale, rosciola umbra, limona, san felice, pocciolo, nostrale di rigali, borgiona and capolga umbra. These varieties gift us with a unique emotion: The oil reveals itself to our sense of smell in a fruity yet vegetal way, rich of balsamic aromas that remind of mediterranean aromatic herbs. At taste it has a perfect balance in bitterness and spiciness, starting in a delicate way but then growing determined and persistent.


Villa Sereni

Our highest quality, extra virgin olive oil enhances the flavor of any food.

The deep golden color of the oil hints at its savors, while the oils intense flavors evoke Mediterranean cuisine.

Available in lightweight 15ml plastic bottles, which make quality affordable.

Le Moronete

Open, taste, and throw.

Excellent extra virgin olive oil in a single portion sachet, “Le Moronete.”

All the benefits and quality offered by Monte Vibiano brands are now available in new 10ml sachets.
They’re perfect while eating on the run.
For a quick, healthy salad dressing, try the sachet with added balsamic vinegar.