Our Tremilaolive Borgiona inside the Catalogue of Monovarietal Oils

During the 14th edition of the National Monovarietal Oils Show, élite appointment for high-quality italian extra-virgin olive oils, our Tremilaolive Monocultivar Borgiona ensured itself a place inside the catalogue distributed throughout the national territory in the bimonthly magazine “Olivo e Olio”. The catalogue has also been distributed in occasion of Vinitaly in Verona, during the 15th National Championship of the pruning of the olive tree raised in a polyconic vase “Forbici d’oro” and will also be introduced during the Workshop “Nutrition and health, a delight in your table” which will take place in San Severino Marche Sunday 30th April.

The championship has received a number of 199 olive oil samples and each one has been tasted from 8 members of the regional Panel ASSAM-Marche. The oil has been evaluated by using a characterization sheet of the monovarietal oils especially arranged by the Panel itself, on a continuous scale from 0 to 10, including an optical exam, as well as an olfactory and a gustative one. Only oils which have reached in the Panel test a score which is greater or equal to 7 have been included in the catalogue, in order to offer to the actual customer only and exclusively the highest-quality oils.

Our Tremilaolive Monocultivar Borgiona is a medium fruity extra-virgin olive oil, of an herbaceous type, with an aroma of tomato, almond and artichoke. There are spicy and bitter notes of medium intensity and the after taste is of tomato and artichoke. The color is yellow with green reflections and it possess a medium fluidity.

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