Our olive oil obtained excellent reviews on the Italian guides

Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio obtained excellent reviews on the Italian guides for its olive oils: Vubia and Tremilaolive. 

The extra virgin olive oil of Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio was included in both "Guida agli Extra Vergini" published by Slow Food and in the guide "Oli d’Italia" by Gambero Rosso. 

In the Slow Food guide the Vubia is defined as "a light fruity mature and polite tomato and floral notes" while the Gambero Rosso guide analyzes and select both the Vubia and the Tremilaolive, giving the 3 leaves to Vubia (3 leaves correspond to one vote from 90 to 100 for exceptional oil with extraordinary aromas and flavors) and one leaf to the Tremilaolive. 

Regarding Vubia it is written "It denotes perfumes of pine and resins, undergrowth and pines, black pepper enriched by a slight stretch smoked" while about the Tremilaolive is said “Tremilaolive is a Moraiolo with flavors of yellow apple and almonds, sliding and with good final."

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