Another success for our Vubia and Tremilaolive Borgiona at the International Contest "Oils from the World" AVPA

This April 27th, the awards ceremony for the 15th edition of the International Contest "Oils from the World" promoted by AVPA (Agency for the Appreciation of Agricultural Products), a non-governamental and nonprofit organization, was held in in the municipal rooms of the IV Arrondissement in Paris. The ceremony has seen our Vubia being awarded as a « Gourmet Or » in the category « Fruité Vert Léger » and in this same category, our Tremilaolive Monocultivar Borgiona has received the certificate « Diplôme Gourmet 2017 ».

These further recognizements are a source of pride for our company, definitely an award for all the efforts we make in our oils' production in order to assure the best quality we can offer.

The International Contest "Oils from the world" AVPA, whose Jury is generally formed by a Panel of professionals in the olive oil industry and by starred Chefs, is reserved to producers and to groups of producers of olive oil which are part of the organization. During the years, the contest has received recognition in both quality and reliability, demonstrated by an high attendance of italian and spanish producers, main makers of olive oil. But the oils have arrived also from other parts of the world, enhancing the international nature of the contest which for this edition has received 210 olive oils and 60 oils of various types. This year the jury has been able to experiment a new tasting method developed in collaboration with the University of Aix en Provence, created in order to prevent the threshold effect between categories. This technique will be used again in the 2018 edition of the contest.

Source: AVPA

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