All tours are conducted aboard electric vehicles around Monte Vibiano, the first 0 greenhouse-emissions farm in Italy.

Visitors gather at the wine cellar in the valley and from here they board electric vehicles for a ride to the nearby hills and fields, across hectares of vineyards and olive groves. There is always something happening here, no matter the time of the year: from picking grapes for Monte Vibiano's refined red and whites, to hand-picking olives from century-old trees, the eco-tours are always a chance to observe exciting aspects of life in the fields.

TOUR : 10.30 e 15.00

GPS : 42°58'3.09''N 12°16'17.66''E


Vigna Lorenzo

The highlight of the visit is a stop at 'vigna Lorenzo', a jaw-dropping vineyard extending for several hectares, a natural jewel that takes its name from that of Monte Vibiano's CEO, Lorenzo Fasola Bologna.

From 'Vigna Lorenzo' visitors can see the historic Monte Vibiano castle towering over the valley: it is 2,000-year-old and currently the home of the Fasola Bologna family, owners of Monte Vibiano.

Eco Degustation Terrace

With a descent to the valley, the electric vehicles return to the wine cellar and the brand new "Eco Degustation Terrace", made of recycled materials. Here it is possible to taste Monte Vibiano's exquisite wines and bruschetta, seasoned with the company's signature frozen olive oil.

The "Eco Degustation Terrace" is inspired by Monte Vibiano's ecological mission and designed by Monte Carlo designer Maryam Fasola Bologna with old woods and hundreds of unused corks.


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TOUR : 10.30 - 15.00
GPS : 42°58'3.09''N 12°16'17.66''E